Polytonic orchestra’s diary.

For a long time now the idea of photoshooting the musicians of Katerini’s polytonic orchestra was twirling in my head. I was trying to imagine how approximately 50 musicians could be pictured in a way that it would not be boring or bland, but in a manner full of various alternatives. As a result, I concluded to the idea of creating a calendar where each month a number of musicians would be pictured in a different setting depicting each season’s individual characteristics. January 2018 was the ideal period to start something like that and I had no time to waste. During this project we had to visit many different places around Katerini; we had to drive many kilometres, to walk through snow, to climb and get wet and to discover hidden areas. The result made it clear to us that it was totally worth it! I would like to thank each and every member of the polytonic orchestra for their attitude and patience. Below you can see some of the pictures that were chosen for the calendar. Enjoy!

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