Apo Green

Hello everyone,

I am Apostolos Grinias and I am a storyteller photographer. My passion is to tell stories through my pictures. Every subject I photo shoot, from the smallest to the greatest, is part of a story with its unique start, middle and end. The main characters in these stories are yourselves whereas I am the narrator.

I love natural light, the film’s sense in a photography and most of all I love capturing those spontaneous moments which are full of true feelings that will last forever. The more spontaneous and natural it is, the better. Photography is not just a job for me, but a way of living and an inner need and passion.

I live in Katerini, on the foot of mountain Olympus, and I love travelling, going on different sorts of adventures and enjoying live concerts. The smell of the rain, gazing at sea, the mountains and the colours of the earth captivate me while a hot cup of coffee is my favorite way of resetting myself. I love meeting new people and photoshooting them in the most extraordinary places.

The reasons for a photoshoot can vary and could be a wedding, a christening, or any other moment that you might want to make last forever. These for example could be a series of personal, professional or family portraits, an anniversary, an excursion or any type of adventure that can be immortalised photographically. My greatest intention is to offer to the people I meet not only pictures that will depict them, but pictures that will reveal the distinctiveness and beauty of the location that was used as a canvas for their painting. I wish my photographs to be unique pieces of art that can décor your home or your photo album.

In this website you will find part of my work. Please, do not hesitate, send me a message whether you like me to create your own story, or you just want to say hello!

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